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ECL Nurseries

Services offered include special orders for site-specific provenance, rare and endangered species, various sizes of containerized and bare root plants, and large quantities for restoration jobs. ECL Nursery staff has extensive experience in ecological restoration, habitat enhancement and authentic landscaping.



ECL Nurseries are proud to be associated with small and large scale commercial projects throughout Ghana supplying a broad range of products from seedlings to mature trees.Through collaboration and pre-planning, we have the ability to schedule and grow for specific project requirements.
Growing quality plants at the right price.
• Flower and Vegetable seedlings for landscapers and retailers.
• Commercial vegetable seedlings.
• Commercial tree seedlings.
• Potted plants – exotic and ornamental
• Native shrubs and trees for retail and landscape.
• Ghanaian native plants – Not only for home gardeners, but also for commercial use in new
developments, roadsides and revegetation projects.
• Advanced trees and shrubs for instant impact, street trees & screening

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Phone: +233 244450495, +233 553135021
Location: opposite Hill gas, North Legon, Accra Ghana